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Sea Salt
All About Sea Salt

The main ingredient in most bath salts is sea salt. Sea salt is the salt extracted from the ocean, and has many wonderful healing properties. The process of extracting sea salt from the surrounding water is relatively simple, and involves evaporating the water surrounding each grain of salt. Sea salt is unlike table salt – the salt you use at the dinner table is stripped of valuable nutrients, whereas sea salt is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, and sulfur.

In ancient times, people soaked in ocean waters and enjoyed the many benefits of bathing in sea salt. Sea salt softens skin and opens the pores, making it easier for the nutrients in the sea salt to be absorbed. Now, sea salt is used in bathtubs around the world in the form of bath salts. Sea salt is combined with essential oils, colors, and sweet scents to give people a fragrant and enjoyable bathing experience, but even on it’s own, sea salt is rich in health benefits.

The Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt, when used topically or when ingested, carries many benefits that affect your entire body – from your heart to your skin, and everything in between. To enjoy the many benefits of sea salt, consider replacing your table salt with sea salt – sea salt tastes better, too!

Here’s something you probably don’t know about sea salt: sea salt does wonders for your circulatory system. Sea salt has been found to aid in the reduction of heart disease and heart attacks, by regulating your blood pressure and minimizing irregular heartbeats. Sea salt is also a natural antihistamine. Sea salt can be used to clear your sinuses and even help cleanse your lungs of mucous and phlegm. Sea salt is great for your muscles as well – sea salt aides in the prevention of muscle cramps, and in addition, sea salt has been shown to improve muscle strength and tone.  

Sea salt helps maintain the right amount of electrolytes in your body, in turn strengthening your immune system and increasing your energy output. Sea salt is especially good for those of us who lead more active lifestyles. Interestingly, sea salt helps nerve cells “talk” to each other, and more efficiently process information sent by the brain. And for those of us with low blood sugar and for diabetics, sea salt is effective in regulating blood sugar levels.

So what about the benefits of using sea salt in the tub? Sea salt contains many minerals and nutrients that are incredibly beneficial for the skin. Sea salt opens the pores, plumps up the skin to promote a youthful glow, and helps with certain skin conditions such as psoriasis. Sea salt has also been shown to relieve arthritis and other sources of pain in the joints.

You can gain the benefits of sea salt around the clock – simply use sea salt instead of table salt, and take more baths with sea salts. You’ll be amazed at what sea salts can do for you!