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Make Bath Salts
How to Make Your Own Bath Salts

Making your own bath salts is easy – it doesn’t take many supplies or ingredients, it’s safe, and incredibly affordable. When you make bath salts, you can truly create the bathing experience that’s perfect for you.  You can make bath salts that benefit your unique skin type, your mood, and personality. And you can make bath salts for a friend or loved one at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy an expensive perfume or trip to the spa.

To make bath salts, you probably have most of the ingredients and supplies in your home already. First, you’ll need some salt. There is a variety of salt to choose from, for example, you can use Epsom salt, Dead Sea or Pacific sea salt. Then comes the fun part: choosing a scent. You can buy essential oils and use them one at a time, or mix them to create a new fragrance. When you make bath salts, you want to make sure the fragrances are safe and appropriate for sensitive skin. If you want, you can add a touch of color using micas or food coloring. Then, you’ll need a glass bowl for mixing, and of course, spoons to mix the bath salt recipe.

Once you make the bath salts, you can put them in decorative jars or bottles. Make bath salts for a friend and pour them into an old wine bottle (bonus: make your own label!) or jar, tie it with a ribbon, and you have your gift. Whether you make bath salts for a friend or you make them for yourself, it’s a fun and easy process.