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Himalayan Salt
Himalayan SaltHimalayan salt is physically beautiful, mysterious, and carries amazing benefits. Himalayan salt is harvested from riverbeds and valleys within the Himalayan Mountains. Highly valued for its rich mineral content, versatility, and purity, Himalayan salt is the perfect addition to any bathing ritual. The salt itself is pinkish to reddish in color and is quite beautiful both in and out of the tub. Himalayan salt is beneficial not only in the bath, but in the kitchen – it contains nutrients and minerals that ordinary table salt does not. Himalayan salt softens the skin and contains upwards of 84 minerals that detoxify and deeply cleanse the pores.

Historically, Himalayan salt has been known by the name “King Salt” and people from around the world travel to Nepal to harvest Himalayan salt to use in baths, beauty products, and more. When left in its raw form, Himalayan salt contains healthy minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and more. All of these minerals are easily absorbed both orally and through our skin. Iron is known to strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, and boost overall energy levels.  Magnesium is an essential mineral that most of us don’t get enough of in our daily diets, leading to symptoms such as loss of appetite, headaches, and depression. Calcium is essential for strong bones, and regular consumption aides in the prevention of osteoporosis. With all these powerful minerals, it’s no wonder Himalayan salt is so popular!

Himalayan salt is a perfect addition to your bath. It’s not only beautiful, it’s also known to purify and cleanse the skin, leaving you softer and smoother than ever before. When you use Himalayan salt in your bath, you are, for all intents and purposes, bathing in the ancient waters of the Himalayas – without even leaving the comfort of your home! Each grain of Himalayan salt releases minerals and nutrients that improve the condition and health of your skin.

In addition to carrying many cosmetic benefits, Himalayan salt can also effectively treat many skin ailments and conditions such as acne, dry skin, and psoriasis. Himalayan salt can also be used to treat blisters and insect bites, as well as joint-related conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Himalayan salt has also been shown to relieve premenstrual symptoms such as water retention and cramping. Himalayan salt, when used in a nice warm bath, will also decrease your stress level and help you get a good night’s sleep. In short, Himalayan salt is an essential part of any bathing ritual.

When bathing with Himalayan salt, don’t be shy about how much you use – the higher the concentration of Himalayan salt in the water, the more beneficial your bath will be. Maximize your bathing experience by staying in the tub for about 30 minutes, adding warm water as the water cools. When you are done bathing, don’t rinse off in the shower – go straight from the tub to the towel. Take a decadent bath with Himalayan salt before bedtime for a better night’s sleep, and softer, smoother skin when you wake up in the morning. You’ll be glad you did!