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Bath Salts
Everything You Need To Know About Bath Salts

Bath salts have been used by people around the globe for thousands of years, and have long been celebrated for their cosmetic and health benefits. Bath salts come in many different forms – go to any bath salt supplier and you will notice bath salts of every color, size, and texture. So what exactly do bath salts do?

Bath salts are made from ocean salts, and depending on their origin, can carry a variety of minerals. When it comes to quality, not all bath salts are created equal: some salts are harvested and used in their pure form; others are heavily processed. Bath salts that are processed in such a way are often lacking in the vital minerals and nutrients that carry health and cosmetic benefits, so it’s important to choose a bath salt that is sold in its pure form.

You’ll find there is quite a variety of bath salts to choose from – they come in a variety of textures, sizes, and colors. The size and texture impacts how long it takes for the bath salts to dissolve, and the way in which they can be used. Smaller, finer bath salts dissolve quickly and provide powerful yet comfortable exfoliation; larger bath salts dissolve slowly and make for a pleasant, fragrant bathing experience. The natural color of bath salts vary depending on the location from which they are harvested – Himalayan bath salts tend to be pinkish in color, while bath salts from the Dead Sea are bluish to clear. Bath salts can be transformed into every color of the rainbow through the usage of natural dyes. Colorful bath salts enhance the bathing experience and some believe the various colors can trigger certain moods: blue is calming, yellow and red are energizing, etc.

Bath salts have been shown to promote radiant, youthful skin. The minerals present in high-quality bath salts will smooth and soften your skin while drawing out impurities and pollution. Some say that bathing with bath salts is the fountain of youth, as bath salts help to open and cleanse your pores while firming the skin’s surface, minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Bathing with bath salts is also an excellent way to relax, and works from the inside out. A bath mixed with bath salts can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and give you a wonderful, soothing experience you won’t find outside of the tub. Taking a bath at the end of a stressful day is a great way to both cleanse your body and clear your mind – and it’s an excuse to leave the rest of the world behind.

And the best part – when you use bath salts, you can enjoy the benefits of an expensive spa treatment in the privacy of your very own home, without breaking the bank. Bath salts are inexpensive and provide amazing value for the money. If you want to treat yourself to softer, smoother, younger skin as well as relaxation and health, treat yourself to some high-quality bath salts. You’ll be glad you did!